Career 50+

Career 50+




You enable your employees over the age of fifty to examine their real perspectives beyond retirement. This creates orientation, is meaningful and motivating, generates work pleasure and leads to commitment.

Building blocks of Career 50+

Personal Assessment
  • individual context of life and work development
  • personality and plans in life
  • resource analysis: skills, experience and networks
  • appearance and standing
Labor and occupational market analysis 50+
  • career targets
  • organization-internal career options
  • organization-external career options
  • network analysis
  • implementation steps of selected strategies and paths
  • control of the steps and process support
  • instruments: appearance on social media, visibility, network usage


Which topics are given particular weight depends, for example, on:

  • the employee's or a group's exact location in the professional cycle,
  • their questions and uncertainties,
  • specific topics relevant to a successful re-orientation,
  • the organization's internal resource capabilities,
  • support requirements for a successful implementation process.

Let us advise you on compiling an effective Career 50+ program – utilise our experience.

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