The goals of the program are the empowerment and retention of your employees. It serves as an integral part of the comprehensive requisitioning of staff resources (resource mapping) and thus the strategic development of staff.

Building blocks of P-Career-Fitness

Working contexts: The requirements of the organization and industry
  • functioning of the organization in the economic context (developmental tendencies in the market)
  • relevant structures and functional areas
  • staff management and career systems as well as succession planning
  • company culture and competition mechanisms
Resource analysis: individual resource profile up to extensive resource mapping
  • personality and interests
  • knowledge and skills
  • learning habits and learning strategies
  • visibility and networking
  • stress management and resilience
Comparison of working contexts and resource analysis
  • personal positioning
  • individual perspectives
  • individual career strategies
  • if necessary, comprehensive analysis of the matching of staff resources to the requirements of the organization


How a career fitness program is set up in individual cases depends on, for example:

  • the organization's questions in focus,
  • size and composition of the group of participants,
  • form and extent of the analysis of personality profiles,
  • character of the organization.

Let us advise you on the concept of your P-Career fitness program – utilise our experience.

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